First Nations Housing Division

Why Winton?


What we can do for you!

  • Understand your goals so we can find solutions to help you achieve them;
  • Provide resources and assistance to ensure your project is on time and on budget;
  • Help with the Aboriginal Affairs and CMHC application process;
  • Provide special pricing for First Nation Communities and status card holders; and
  • Build quality, sustainable homes using your Provincial building code.


Let's Talk Housing!

Each Community is unique and so is your project; a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. To set your project up for success, we start with the following questions:

Who are you building for and what’s your budget?

  • This helps you select a plan (or customize one) that suits your needs and your budget.

  • When and how do you want it built? Do you need a Contractor?

  • We have pre-screened qualified Contractors experienced with Band Housing projects.

  • Are you applying for a subsidy and if so, have you started that process?

  • Let us help you with our exclusive tools and checklists!


    What is a 'Lock Up Package'?

    • You pick the design, the products and the colours from the door knobs to the roofing finish.
    • Winton supplies all the materials so when your home is standing it is finished on the exterior (weather tight) with your interior walls standing and ready for finishing.
    • We precision build the interior and exterior walls and roof trusses so it goes up faster.
    • Your lock up package can also include flooring, cabinets and interior finishing.  It’s up to you!